HSS and segmental circular saw blade sharpening machine (CNC controlled) Loroch KSC 710, 2006

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KSC 710



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KSC 710


Suitable to sharpen or re-cut and chamfer automatically HSS and segmental circular saw blades as well as solid carbide saw blades in creep feed grinding method by using CBN or diamond grinding wheels.


Working range manual diameter 40 – 710 mm, working range automatic diameter (75) 130 – 520 mm, automatic chamfering diameter 160 – 520/710 mm, (optional from 100 mm possible), tooth pitch 1 – 55 mm, number of teeth 2 – 998, sawblade thickness up to 8 mm, coolant pressure approx 10 bar, coolant tank capacity approx 400 l, grinding wheel diameter 200 x 32 mm, grinding motor 3 kW, connected load approx. 10 kw / 400 V / 60 Hz, weight approx. 3200 kg, dimensions  w x d x h 2540 x 2662 x 2200 mm, colour grey RAL 7045 / light grey RAL 7047.


(To be confirmed)

Sawblade magazine with 3 sawblade stacks (prepared for expansion to 6 mounting mandrels),

Laser measuring system for automatic identification of the sawblade diameter, tooth count and sawblade thickness,

Device for automatic chamfering of regular toothed sawblades,

Program for standard curved tooth form and forms B / C,

Special program for variable tooth pitch,

CAD program for creation of up to 250 tooth forms.

Measured grinding (only possible im manual mode!)

Automatic diameter setting of the sawblade,

Total enclosure incl. coolant system with 400 l tank,

Fine filter for cleaning coolant incl. drip tray,

Chiller for cooling of grinding oil,

Automatic fire extinguisher incl. explosion flap and pressure monitor,

Electrostatic mist extractor,

Automatic central lubrication,

Machine lamp,

1 sawblade mount (F-1490) for sawblades from 130 – 710 mm diameter and 32 mm centrebore,

3 magazine mounting mandrels 32 mm,

1 grinding wheel flange.